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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Securing Professions with Technology Revelations

Professional Liability or Indemnity Insurance is shifting to new entrants. With digital transformation rapidly changing the flow of processes, CoKube establishes a platform for Professional Indemnity Insurance service providers to regulate all the actions on digital screens. From obtaining an insurance certificate to claiming the loss, CoKube removes the paperwork and lets users gain advantage of online automation.

Modules we cover

■     Pro-rata renewals module

■     Yearly renewals module

■     Insurance brokerage premium calculator

■     Insurer premium calculator

■     Automated receipt generation

■     Automated certificate generation

■     Automated master certificate generation

■     Errors & omission module

■     Agent module

■     Agent commission module

■     CD account

■     Claim management

■     Notifications management

■     Role based login

■     Analytics

■     Realtime integrations

■     Hybrid Hosting (On-premise / Cloud)

■     Reports

Native Android &
Native iOS app for professionals (doctors, lawyers, & CA's etc.)

Web login for
Professional Associations (role-based login)

Web login for
(role-based login)

Web login for
insurance brokerage firms (role-based login)

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